Opening a gas station project in Turkey

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Clearly, gas stations in Turkey are particularly profitable investments. With the increase in vehicle purchases in Turkey, both for personal and commercial purposes, and considering the heavy traffic congestion in cities like Istanbul, the demand for fuel is continuously rising. This makes Turkey one of the best countries for investing in gas stations. In this article, we will provide you with all the necessary information on how to open a gas station in Turkey, and the licenses required to open a gas station in Turkey.
If you wish to open a gas station, you have two options. The first is to acquire an already functioning gas station at a low price. In this case, careful evaluation is necessary. The second option is to build a gas station from scratch on an empty plot of land. In this case, it’s important to understand why the land is vacant. You can seek assistance from real estate agents and market experts.

To open a gas station in Turkey, you need to prepare a detailed business plan including information on financial options, marketing plans, future goals, and staff management. Your plan should include how to handle theft, natural disasters, and competition. Professional assistance in preparing this plan can indeed be profitable if carefully planned and the right strategies are used. It also requires a clear commitment to providing high-quality service and a genuine appreciation for customer experience.

We offer comprehensive consultancy services and are pleased to support you at any stage of establishing a new gas station.

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Promoting Your Station: You can try a variety of things to attract people to your station, one of which is offering one free stored gasoline for the customer who fills their tank at your station 10 times, or offering free meals and cola to customers who purchase gasoline worth 100 Turkish Lira is another alternative.

Of course, you should also take advantage of classic promotional items like posters, advertisements, and road signs.

Offering free things like filling car tires with air, tea, and coffee may seem simple but they make customers choose your station over another, even the cleanliness of the station can be an attracting factor. Offering car air fresheners, windshield wipers, tissues, pens, notebooks are good ideas to attract customers.
Expanding the Business: The constant fluctuation in gas prices can reduce profit margins from time to time, so you should also offer other things besides fuel at the station, such as car washes, minor repairs, vehicle accessories, a small market, and a small café can make you earn good money while working at the gas station.

Security Cameras and Their Importance: Anti-theft tools like cameras have been in use for many years. Thanks to the security cameras placed at different points of the station, you can watch your station 24/7, save images, and review them when you face any problems. It’s very important that these cameras can also see the license plates of vehicles entering and exiting. Sometimes you need a live video recording system where you can see and record the license plates of vehicles arriving at the station, as you may notice theft as it happens or sometimes later.

Cost of Opening Gas Stations in Turkey: There are many factors that can affect the cost of opening a gas station, like the city where you will open the station and its location in that city, and the company that your station will be an agent for. The cost of opening a gas station in Turkey can range from 500,000 Turkish Lira to 10 million Lira. You can provide us with detailed information and we will help you calculate the cost of opening the gas station you desire.

Requirements for Opening a Gas Station:
Opening a gas station in Turkey requires several conditions:

  1. The land on which the station will be established must be at least 1600 square meters.
  2. Apply to the municipality for a construction and establishment license for your station.
  3. After completing the construction and building processes, take all the related construction papers including the housing report, then make an agreement with one of the aforementioned fuel companies.
  4. After obtaining a business opening license and making an agreement with one of the fuel companies, you must apply for a license from the Ministry of Energy and then apply for a work permit.

Documents Required for Opening a Gas Station:

  1. Application form.
  2. License application form for opening an unhealthy establishment.
  3. A complete detailed plan of your gas station.
  4. Building use permit from the municipality.
  5. Fire brigade inspection report.
  6. Building feasibility statement from the municipality.
  7. Occupational safety contract for station workers.
  8. Manager’s responsibilities statement.
  9. TSE service competence certificate.
  10. Lease contract.
  11. Company’s authorized signature.
  12. Mandatory insurance document for workers in hazardous materials.

Getting these documents, you can get consultancy service from our company, we can prepare the documents for you and complete your applications on your behalf.

Where to Find Major Fuel Companies in Turkey:
In Turkey, there are several well-known major companies in the fuel sector that can be a partner for your station. These companies include:

  1. OPET.
  2. British Petroleum (BP).
  3. Shell.
  4. Oktan.
  5. Alpetrol.
  6. Total.

These are just some examples of the major companies present in Turkey that offer services in the fuel sector. Of course, there are many other companies and you should search for the company that suits your needs and requirements.

For more information on how to open a gas station in Turkey or to request assistance in this regard, we offer comprehensive consultancy services. You can contact us at any time and we will be happy to help you.

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