Tourism companies and their establishment in Türkiye

The tourism sector is one of the largest and most important economic sectors in Turkey, as approximately 51 million tourists visited Turkey in 2022 with a financial income that reached 50 billion US dollars. If the country’s population is 80 million people and 25 million tourists visit the country for the purpose of spending the holiday, then this sector Its growth will increase continuously.

We will explain all the information necessary to establish a tourism company in Turkey.

What attracts you to establish a tourism company in Türkiye:

 Turkey is distinguished in the tourism sector by its diverse tourism potential. We find multiple types of tourism, such as winter, summer, cultural, therapeutic, and others, which suit the desire of many tourists from different countries and its distinguished climate, both in the winter, where we find snow covering the tops of the mountains and the plains, and its summer, which is filled with a moderate atmosphere, where it is filled with Its coasts are full of tourists and visitors, in addition to its distinguished location, which is 2-3 hours away from most tourist countries. It must be mentioned that it is a country in which one can spend a vacation at reasonable costs compared to other tourist countries.

Tourism companies can take advantage of these possibilities to achieve significant gains. These gains depend on the size of the companies, whether they are large or small. There are about 12,200 registered companies that work as tourism agencies. These companies work in various fields of tourism, and we mention among their specialties:

  • – Hajj and Umrah trips.
  • – Organizing tourist tours.
  • – Hotel reservations.
  • – Airline ticket sales.
  • – Medical tourism such as hair transplantation and cosmetic surgeries.

Establishing a tourism company in Türkiye:

With complete professionalism, you can complete the procedures for establishing your company, but the problem lies in the difficulty of the procedures and their lengthy duration if you do so, taking into account the possibility of losing effort, time and money in doing so, so you can contact us through our contact information to track all your transactions quickly and accurately.

The first thing you need to do to start tourism activities is to establish a company. It takes an average of 2-3 days to set up a company:

The costs of establishing a company depend on the type of company you will establish (joint stock Company – limited company), the capital of your company, the number of partners, and the number of managers you will have in your company.

You can access detailed information about company incorporation and incorporation costs through this link .

After establishing the company, you need to obtain a document from the () Corporation that authorizes you to carry out tourism activities.

It is prohibited to work in the tourism field without this document, as carrying out tourism activities without a () certificate will result in heavy fines.

The steps for obtaining the document are as follows:

Choose 20 names for the company and submit them to the Ministry of Tourism. Then the Ministry determines the most appropriate name for the company and the cost of choosing the name is 25,000 Turkish liras.

 Deposit a financial guarantee in the bank according to the category of the tourism company that you created through an agency (), and its categories are as follows: · 

Group A ıts cost is 7,000 Turkish liras.·

Group B ıts cost is 6000 Turkish liras.· 

Group C ıts cost is 5000 Turkish liras.

Our company usually recommends choosing the category 

because its price is not higher than the other two categories, in addition to the possibility of carrying out all tourism activities through it.

Employing a Turkish citizen who holds a diploma in the tourism field.

This diploma must be accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Tourism (our company can help you find this person)


After completing and signing your papers with a statement of commercial activities and completing the application process for obtaining a document (), officials from   will visit you to the workplace to verify and conduct an evaluation, and if approval is obtained, you will be informed by  to pay the licensing fee amounting to 359,476.82 Turkish liras.

There will be annual revenues for the Foundation  paid at the beginning of each year, and the fees for the first year determined for the year 2024 will be 17,973.85 Turkish liras and vary every year.

After completing the payment of the necessary financial dues, your document  will be approved and signed by the Ministry of Tourism and delivered to your address.


Companies holding a document ( ) must inform the institution ( ) when it undertakes one of the following procedures:

– Change the company name.

– Change the company address.

– Capital increase.

– Changing partners In the event that a company holding a document ( ) suspends its business or closes, it cannot obtain licensing fees and other payments (with the exception of the financial guarantee deposited in the bank based on the category of company). 

he procedures for obtaining a document () usually take between 2 – 3 months, depending on the intensity of applications submitted to obtain the document.

It may be important for you to obtain a company that has a document () quickly and directly.

The only possible way to do this is to purchase a company that is ready and has On the document.


 We in our company are able to carry out all the procedures related to establishing your tourism company in a professional and courteous manner, including obtaining the document () for your company.

This is done only by obtaining an official legal agency from you, whether you are outside or outside Turkey. You can reach us from the link below to follow up on the transactions. Your own. The total cost is 270,000 Turkish liras

Passenger transportation: The D-2 certificate

Most of the fields in which companies operating in the tourism sector operate are passenger transport and tour organizing activities. Companies that work in this field and provide passenger transport services are required to obtain a certificate () to carry out this activity.

Regarding this certificate, it is required for companies that provide passenger transport services via cars. In other words, other tourism companies (a tourist company that sells airline tickets, for example) do not need this certificate to carry out their activities.

Companies holding a () certificate can organize tours with their cars, passengers can make road transfers, and they can make transfers to and from the airport.

For example, many companies working in the field of tourism transport their customers to and from the airport using cars that the company buys, and companies I also earn money by organizing trips to the cities of Bursa, Sabanca, and Trabzon. 


A Vito car can now be purchased for about 1,400,000 Turkish liras. This car will earn 3,500-5,000 Turkish liras per day during the tourist season.

If the fuel and driver costs are calculated, the earning will be approximately 1,000 Turkish liras per day on average during the tourist season for this car. The profit rate increases.

With an increase in the quality of services (for example, an increase in the number of vehicles, and luxury transportation service) Another opportunity to earn profits for tourism companies is commissions. A certain amount of commission is collected in exchange for purchases from the places that tourists visit. For example: While organizing a tour in one of the Turkish cities with the tourism company, an agreement can be concluded with the restaurant or souvenir shop.

Which is visited during the trip break, and according to the value of the shopping done by the tourists, a commission is paid to the company at a rate that may reach 20-30%. D-2:

Is it possible to rent a document?

Obtaining the document is possible with a large investment, as it requires a fleet of cars with a minimum capacity of 75 seats, and since many car owners (some workers who own cars with a small number, i.e. no more than 75 seats) do not have this document, the solution for them is to rent this document.

Where companies that have the policy have the right to rent the document to twice the number of fleet of cars it owns (for example: a company that has a fleet of 9 cars can rent the document to 18 cars).

Companies rent these rights for a certain fee and operate in this sector, although it differs between companies in Market, it is rented with an average annual fee of about 10,000 TL per car For more detailed information about this topic, you can contact us and get detailed information 

 D-2: What are the conditions and procedures for obtaining a certificate? 

1- A document () is issued by the General Directorate of Highways.

2- A company wishing to obtain the document must be established with a minimum capital of 30,000 Turkish liras.

3- In order to obtain the document, the company must own its own vehicles with a number of seats of no less than 75.

4- The value of the license certificate () is 161,431 Turkish liras

5- The certificate licensing process takes about 30 days.

6- The document is granted for a period of 5 years and its renewal is required after this period. The value of renewing the document () is 24,215 Turkish liras.

7- The age of the car used in this field must not exceed 10 years (for example, in 2020, cars from the 2009 model cannot be used).

8- Companies that obtain the document can operate with a capacity of another two times the number of seats they own.


For example, a company that has several Vito cars with a seating capacity of 75 can operate with a full capacity of up to 225 seats. High licensing prices and their impact on the labor market: While the prices of a document license () were much higher in the years prior to 2020, the license prices increased significantly, which led to a decrease in the number of companies entering this field and thus competition decreased and the profits of companies entering this field increased significantly, and in fact obtaining a certificate ( It includes long procedures and details.

We in our company are able to carry out all the procedures related to your company to obtain the document () for your company. This is done only by obtaining an official legal agency from you, whether you are outside Turkey or abroad. 


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