Company Establishment Guide for Foreigners in Turkey

Turkey has become an attractive destination for investors worldwide, thanks to its rapidly growing economy, strategic location, and substantial domestic market. The process of setting up a company is one of the most critical stages for foreign businesses planning to invest in a particular country. The process of setting up a company in Turkey involves certain steps, regulated by transparent and regulatory institutions.

Whether you are a foreigner residing in Turkey or an individual living abroad, there is no need for you to come to Turkey to initiate a company setup process. While working with us, you can establish your company without ever coming to Turkey by granting a power of attorney from abroad.

Company Types:

Various types of companies can be set up in Turkey. The most popular ones are Joint Stock Company (JSC), Limited Liability Company (LLC), and Sole Proprietorship. Your choice will depend on the nature and needs of your business, the structure of capital, and the risk tolerance you possess.

Necessary Documents:

 The company setup process requires the collection and submission of certain documents. Passport copies of applicants, ID cards and tax numbers of domestic partners, the establishment declaration and articles of association of the company, and permits such as the workplace opening and operating permit are usually required.

Processes after Company Establishment:

The establishment of a company is often just a part of running a business. The post-establishment processes are also very important. It is essential to have information about the tax system in Turkey. Tax law is based on many different factors, and understanding these is vital for the financial success of your business .For more information, click here.

Financial advisory service also plays a critical role in the success of your business. Your financial advisor helps manage your company’s financial transactions and meet complex financial and tax obligations .For more information, click here . Your company also needs to have a bank account.

This facilitates and manages your company’s financial transactions .For more information, click here .

Once your company is established, upon request, you can obtain a work permit and thus reside in Turkey. This can be particularly useful for foreign business owners intending to live permanently in Turkey .

Depending on the characteristics of the company, certain licenses may need to be obtained. For example, if you are running a shop, you may need a municipal license, or if you plan to establish a manufacturing business, a production license may be required .For more information, click here.

Officially, your company must have an address. If you do not have a contract for the company address, you can benefit from our virtual office service, which is completely legal in Turkey . For more information, click here .

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