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Establishing a business in Turkey benefits the investor in several aspects, including the financial aspect and the legal aspect. The merchant card is one of the advantages he obtains from the Turkish state. In this article, we will explain some details about the merchant card.

 What is a merchant card:

 The Commercial Registry Administration in Turkey grants the merchant card to business owners in general, as it is not required to be the owner of a company, but rather you can be a partner in it without regard to the type of company and the size of the shares or capital. The merchant card indicates that its owner is an official merchant registered in the Turkish state, as Applications to obtain a merchant card are made from the Commercial Registry Department, by submitting an individual application attached to a personal photo. It must be noted that the merchant card can only be used by its owner and cannot be transferred to another name.

 Merchant Card Benefits:

 1- The merchant card indicates that its owner is an official merchant registered with the Turkish company and that he is an owner or partner in one of the companies.

2- Providing discounts in some cafés, restaurants, and hospitals contracted with it.

3- It is a social privilege that only business owners can obtain.

4- It is accepted as proof of identity and recognized by Turkish and non-Turkish consulates inside and outside Turkish territory.

 How to get a merchant card:

 In order to be able to obtain a merchant card, you must first establish a company or be partners in partners within the territory of the Turkish Republic.

(For more information about the types of companies, you can click on the link below.

– Fill out the merchant card application form, sign it and attach a personal photo.

Preparing the merchant card takes a period of 10 days from the date of delivery of the order.

– Your merchant card is delivered to your business address by mail.

The design and color of the merchant card varies depending on each province, as the merchant card is prepared by the commercial registry office of the state from which it is issued, regardless of the state in which you opened your business.

For more information or inquiries about the merchant card and the mechanisms for obtaining it through a company, you can contact us .

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