Mutaber Group's

Management Team

MUTABER GROUP’s strong and determined leadership team propels the company to stand as a significant player in the sector. Our management directs the company with strategic foresight and business ethics.

Both leaders embrace and implement our business model based on a customer-centric service approach. The management team of MUTABER GROUP continuously monitors the latest industry trends and innovations to provide the best service to their clients. As a result, MUTABER GROUP can present an aware and compliant approach against the challenges of establishing a successful business and conducting business in Turkey.

Executive Manager

Osman Gülay

Osman Gülay Osman Gülay is the first-generation leader of MUTABER GROUP. A graduate of Beykent University's Business Administration department, Gülay has been managing the company since 2000 and continues the vision of constant growth and diversification. His extensive experience and comprehensive knowledge are a significant factor in the success of MUTABER GROUP.

Co Finder

Uğur Gürel

Uğur Gürel: A graduate of Marmara University's Business Administration department, and holding a Certified Public Accountant and Financial Advisor (CPA) certificate, Uğur Gürel became a partner in the company in 2013. He also holds an independent audit license from the Capital Markets Board (CMB). Gürel possesses a broad range of experience and knowledge, with an exceptional ability to understand and meet the needs of the foreign investors he collaborates with. With the new energy and vision brought by partnership, MUTABER GROUP expanded its services to foreign investors.

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