Aims to offer:

comprehensive solutions to its clients

MUTABER GROUP, with its partnerships and collaborations, aims to offer comprehensive solutions to its clients across various sectors.
In this regard, strategic partnerships established with leading financial institutions such as Kuveyt Türk, Albaraka, Ziraat Katılım, and DenizBank provide our clients the opportunity to seamlessly and swiftly carry out their financial transactions, including the ability to open accounts in TL, Euro, USD, or Russian Ruble.
In the realm of legal procedures and official transactions, we collaborate with the Istanbul 28th Notary Public.
This collaboration enables our clients to comfortably complete their official transactions, such as signing in the presence of a notary, in our office without any waiting period.
In addition, services such as passport translations, circulars of signature, power of attorney, and all other official transactions are efficiently handled by the experienced notary teams.

We provide the necessary reference for MÜSİAD membership

Our corporate collaboration with the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce enhances the speed and efficiency of our operations.

This synergy with the Chamber of Commerce, especially for frequent company establishments and registry record changes, enables us to carry out transactions swiftly and without queuing.

Additionally, our clients' Merchant Card requests are also met within only 2 days.
Our cooperation with the Independent Industrialists and Businessmen Association (MÜSİAD), one of the leading business organizations in Turkey, facilitates our clients' membership applications.
Moreover, we provide the necessary reference for MÜSİAD membership as MUTABER GROUP.


Cooperation with local government bodies

Lastly, within the framework of the cooperation with local government bodies such as the Istanbul Municipality, Beyoğlu Municipality, Beşiktaş Municipality, bureaucratic processes like license transactions are completed quickly and trouble-free. Thanks to this collaboration, quick solution suggestions can be provided for file deficiencies or errors encountered in license applications. All these partnerships and collaborations enable MUTABER GROUP to offer a better service experience to its clients."

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