Municipal License for Business Owners in Turkey

Obtaining Municipal License for Business Owners: Required Documents and Procedures

In Turkey, when you are opening a business, one of the most critical requirements is to obtain a municipal license. This license approves your business to operate at a particular location and confirms that it meets specific standards. Without your business license, your business can’t operate officially, putting you at risk of legal violations.

Required Documents for Obtaining a Municipal License:

  • Lease agreement for tenants or title deed for property owners.
  • Declaration of business opening.
  • Tax plate.
  • Signature circulars.
  • Fire department report.
  • Application form for business opening and operating license.
  • Documents obtained from the related professional chamber.
  • Documents related to the machines to be used in the workplace.

After preparing these documents, you can go to the municipal building and apply for the license. This process can sometimes be complicated and time-consuming, but working with our professional consultants can make the process easier and smoother.

The estimated cost of opening a business and obtaining a license depends on the characteristics, size, location, and other factors of a particular business.

However, the cost of obtaining a municipal license generally includes the application fee, annual permit fee, and various transaction fees. The municipality determines these fees based on the location, size, type of business, and other factors of your business.

The nature of your business may also require a health report and other documents.

Businesses operating in the food and health sectors, in particular, often need health reports and documentation. These are necessary to confirm that

the business is suitable for public health and safety.

Work Permit and Requirement of a Turkish Director for Companies with Foreign Partners

In companies with foreign partners, there is no obligation to appoint a Turkish director. However, work permits are required for foreign executives and employees. Work permit applications are made by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. For detailed information, you can reach here.

Our Professional Consulting Services

Working with us eliminates the difficulties and complexity of obtaining a municipal license. Our professional consultants guide you at every step and help you gather all necessary documents, complete your application, and successfully obtain the license. For more information, you can reach here.

In conclusion, the process of obtaining a business license can be complicated, but it can be made easier with the right help and guidance. Obtaining a municipal license is crucial for the success of your business, and we are here to help you complete this process smoothly.

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