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Our Successful journey

Our "Success Stories" section showcases the advanced services that our company offers, backed by our broad customer base and strong reputation across the industry.

In this section, we aim to demonstrate our value and commitment to our customers and partners through various examples of success.

In 2017-2018, our company attracted significant interest at the Real Estate Fair.
Even the interviews of our company executives found their place on news websites during this event, thereby promoting our services to a wider audience.

Also, being part of high-level business networks and playing an active role as a member of MÜSİAD and a partner of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce has facilitated the expansion of our services across various industries.

On the other hand, we have collaborated with banks such as Kuwait Turkish, Albaraka Turkish and Turkey Finance to accelerate and simplify the account opening processes for our customers. This partnership has enabled us to offer a broader range of services to our customers.

One of the most striking examples of our success stories is the story of Mr. Faisal, with whom we have been working together for nearly the last six years.Mr. Faisal, who came to Turkey as a businessman, gained Turkish citizenship along with his wife and children with our consultancy.

Faisal conducted trade in Turkey with a company established by us and made a hotel investment at the right time.
This investment yielded returns beyond expectations and, following this success, he increased his investments in the tourism sector. Also, thanks to our company's advice and consultancy on TÜRSAB certificate, Faisal 's company was able to obtain this certificate without being affected by the price increase.


Another success story is related to Mr. Andrei, a Russian citizen. Andrei, who was having difficulty in opening a bank account, opened an account at Ziraat Participation Bank with the consultancy of our company and started his trade smoothly.

Andrei is currently successfully conducting his car spare parts trade from Turkey to Russia and carrying out his international money transfers effortlessly from his bank account.

These success stories illustrate the impact and value of our consultancy services across various sectors. As we continue our commitment to consistently create value for our customers and business partners, we aim to multiply these successes.

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