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Success in opening a business

We are MUTABER GROUP, a consultancy firm with 45 years of experience and a broad range of industry knowledge, committed to helping our clients achieve their business goals.
During this time, we have assisted more than 1000 foreign clients from around the world in establishing their companies in Turkey, enabling them to successfully launch their businesses.

  • Official financial consultancy license
  • Achieving trust through the work undertaken.
  • Understand the customer's needs and problems.
Yes we are licensed

Official financial consultancy license

With an official financial consultancy license, we fulfill our commitment to provide services based on trust and quality. We take great care in establishing a close working relationship with each customer and understanding their unique needs and goals. This allows us to identify the most appropriate solutions and strategies for each client.

Building trust is of utmost importance to us, especially for foreign business owners. For foreign investors, starting a business in another country can be a challenging process, and we are aware of this.

Therefore, we provide you with confidence by demonstrating a professional and transparent approach at every stage of your transactions.

From A to Z

To ensuring your business complies with rules

Our services range from business consulting to tax and financial consulting, accounting services, human resource management, and legal consulting services. In addition, we provide consulting services in document and permit processes, ensuring your business complies with rules and regulations in Turkey and at an international level.

We particularly specialize in areas such as obtaining work permits and municipal licenses for companies with foreign partnerships. In these areas, we do our best to accelerate their processes and ensure smooth progression while providing our customers with consultancy services.


We, at MUTABER GROUP, want to emphasize that our consultancy services are not limited to the company establishment process.
We continue to stand by you in any problems you may encounter after the establishment of the company.

When you need a professional and understanding consultant who is vital for the success of your business, we are pleased to be by your side at every step.

MUTABER GROUP knows that finding a consultant you trust and understands the needs of your business is vital to the success of your business. We are happy to be by your side at every step when you plan to carry your business in Turkey and globally.

  1. Company Establishment
  2. Stand by you in any problem
  3. Professional & Understanding consultant
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