Textile industry in Türkiye

Textile industry in Türkiye

Turkey is one of the strongest countries in the Middle East region in the field of spinning and weaving, with a number of companies exceeding 40,000 companies spread throughout the territory of the Turkish Republic and the number of workers in it is approximately 3 million workers, and exports of textile products are estimated at about 11 billion dollars annually.

In this article, we will explain some details. About this successful sector in Turkey, and how to benefit from it. Investment in the textile sector in Turkey takes place in two forms, as some companies carry out industrial production, and some companies prefer to trade textile products (import and export).

What must be made clear is that manufacturing requires many requirements, including making a real and strong investment, and employing…

A number of workers, ensuring that they are experienced in production and determining the product that you will produce in accordance with the capital 

Textile trade in Türkiye:

 Istanbul is the heart of Turkey in the field of textiles, as it contains the largest number of companies that manufacture and export its products.

Areas such as Beyazit and Merter are among the areas that witness the most commercial activity.

Many foreign merchants visit these areas to buy goods and transport them to their countries, and each area is distinguished. With one type of product, for example, the Beyazit region specializes in leather products and bags, and the trade movement in these areas witnesses a great demand, especially from passing merchants who visit Turkey with the aim of transporting its products to their countries.

Traders from the Balkan countries, Arab countries, and Russia are among the most eager to buy textile products from Turkey.

 Because the prices in Turkey are competitive and the quality of its products is high, merchants earn from the textile products that they bring from Turkey for sale in their countries a profit rate estimated at 30 to 40%, and the ease of this matter lies in the availability of shipping companies that send these goods to the required countries at good prices.With digital development today, social media has become one of the best ways to market products, especially clothing, as it facilitates customers’ search for specific types of clothing or specific models (especially those that appear in Turkish series). 

Some companies in Turkey sell clothing products at prices lower than market prices, through payment by credit or checks to alleviate the problem of cash payment. This means that using checks or credit cards increases your chances of saving and obtaining encouraging discounts.

How to invest in textile in Türkiye

 The textile industry is a business with successful and serious investments, but before starting work, the investor needs to correctly determine business strategies, clients and capital.

Before starting work on this, you need to prepare an accurate business plan.

In order to avoid making mistakes and taking precautions, there must be an assistance plan to reduce risks. We do not say that entering this field is a risk.

On the contrary, the textile industry in Turkey is very profitable.

Costs are very low in the textile industry due to low labor wages or rental payments.

However, it is necessary to enter this field with proper study and preparation in order to be able to reap fruitful results.

Finding customers or manufacturing orders is not one of the problems facing companies working in the field of textiles in Turkey, as many textile factories produce products for international companies with the aim of continuing production and the financial flow of their company.

Companies with small capital do this with the aim of ensuring continuity.

And ensuring the continuity of cash flow to it, as an example of international companies operating in Turkey, we find: 

– Mark and Spencer .– Reebok .– Sergio Tachini .

– JC Penney .– Victoria Secret .– Tommy Hillfiger

– Fruit of the Loom– Royal– Timberland – Zara

What are the conditions for obtaining a textile manufacturing license? 

First of all, you need to choose a suitable address to work on textile manufacturing.

This license is not allowed anywhere, because the work done is an industrial activity and can be a source of noise. You need to find a workplace away from residential areas or people’s homes.

The second important point is establishing a commercial company for the possibility of starting industrial activities in the field of textiles.

You can obtain detailed information about the types of commercial companies and their costs by clicking here.

This activity also requires obtaining a license from the municipality, and you will need the following papers:

1- A translated and certified copy of the passport from a notary public.

2- Two personal photos.

3- A copy of the title deed.

4- Building use permit.

5- A copy of the lease contract certified by a notary or the original contract (if the building is a rental).

6- A copy of the tax plate.

7- A copy of the commercial register.

8- An insurance certificate, bond, or copy of the salary.

9- Water meter installation sheet.

10- Fire report from the fire brigade.

11- A copy of the approved signature.

These documents are general documents requested by municipalities, and additional documents may be requested depending on the location of the institution that you will open.

If you wish to establish commercial projects in Turkey, we can provide you with consulting services to prepare these documents with your agency for our company.

We can follow up on the request for licensing transactions in a professional manner and implement them. All transactions are on your behalf

Important information regarding the textile sector in Türkiye:

1- The minimum wage for workers in the field of spinning and weaving is 11,500 Turkish liras.

2- The minimum worker insurance is 4,500 Turkish liras per worker, including taxes.

That is, the cost of one worker between wages and security payments is 16,000 Turkish liras at a minimum.

3- The rent for an industrial facility (factory) with an area of 400 square meters is estimated at an average of 40,000 Turkish liras, including taxes.

4- The prices of electricity bills in Turkey differ for factories and industrial facilities, as the price of one kilowatt for an industrial facility is 2.5 Turkish lira.

 There are some opportunities provided by the state according to the amount of investment that is invested in the textile sector.

To clarify, the state can pay tax exemption for the machines that you will buy for investment or employee insurance. For detailed information on this topic, we recommend that you review the following topic through the link .

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