Textile industry in Türkiye

Turkey is one of the strongest countries in the Middle East region in the field of spinning and weaving, with a number of companies exceeding 40,000 companies spread throughout the territory of the Turkish Republic and the number of workers in it is approximately 3 million workers, and exports of textile products are estimated at about 11 billion dollars annually. In this article, we will explain some details. About this successful sector in Turkey, and how to benefit from it.

Gold trade in Türkiye

If you are interested in global trade, especially the import and export of gold and jewelry, you should know that this article has been written specifically for you, through which we explain and clarify some details that interest you about the gold and jewelry trade in Turkey.

Establishing a Money Transfer Company in Turkey

Are you looking to establish a money transfer company in Turkey? If you are interested in setting up a company dedicated to this matter, you can refer to the details mentioned in this article.
Money transfers from outside Turkey and vice versa have become one of the most sought-after sectors for many investors. This is due to the residence of nearly 2 million foreigners of various nationalities in Turkey, in addition to the annual entry of 45 million tourists. Given the significant Arab community in Turkey and their desire to transfer money from their countries to Turkey, and due to the complexities of banking transactions, this sector has become a leading field for Arab communities.

Establishing a car rental company

The field of car trade in Turkey has achieved great prosperity in the last five years. The reason for this clear increase is due to the increase in the number of airline passengers, so we can say that car rental is directly linked to the movement of airline passengers.

International schools in Türkiye

Turkey’s great interest in the field of education has made it one of the leading countries in this field. This interest has caught the attention of many investors who want to establish international schools, and this has been helped by the presence of many foreigners residing in Turkey who prefer to send their children to international schools. In this article we will talk about In detail about international schools in Turkey.

Soilless agriculture in Türkiye

The scientific and technological development that we have reached in our current time has left nothing unchanged. The issue was not limited to electronic devices and means of transportation, but even reached agriculture. By this we do not mean agricultural machines, but rather its methods, as agriculture is no longer limited to the countryside, but has even become possible. In the buildings of some companies, this is done through soilless farming technology, which we will discuss in this article.

Greenhouses projects in Türkiye

Agriculture is one of the most important economic fields in Turkey, as there are many incentives and facilities provided by the Turkish state to workers in this field, and agricultural activities must be explained accurately. In this article, we will talk about a very important field, which is the field of greenhouses (greenhouse agriculture). .

Opening a café in Türkiye

Opening a café is one of the most successful investments if it is managed correctly. Although it seems very easy, the difficulties facing this project are many. If you want to open a café in Turkey or obtain a ready-made café, you can benefit from our consulting services in this regard. The matter is, you can contact us through the contact information or from the link below.

Pharmacy Warehouse Opening Proces in Türkiye

The first step to acquiring the license is appointing a responsible manager. The responsible manager is the pharmacist who takes responsibility for all operations of the pharmacy warehouse and ensures that pharmacy services are carried out in a manner compliant with laws and regulations. The responsible manager must have a Bachelor’s degree in the field of pharmacy and must have the right to practice pharmacy in Turkey.

Business Idea: Boutique Hotel in Turkey

Our Consultancy Services:As part of the Mutebar Group, we provide comprehensive consultancy services, from A to Z, in the process of establishing a boutique hotel. From securing the operational license, planning the investment, staff training, to marketing strategies. Especially in the licensing process, our expertise and knowledge about the procedures and required documentation make us a trusted partner in this venture. Benefit from our reliable and professional support to establish or rent the hotel of your dreams!