Soilless agriculture in Türkiye

Soilless agriculture in Türkiye

 The scientific and technological development that we have reached in our current time has left nothing unchanged. The issue was not limited to electronic devices and means of transportation, but even reached agriculture. By this we do not mean agricultural machines, but rather its methods, as agriculture is no longer limited to the countryside, but has even become possible. In the buildings of some companies, this is done through soilless farming technology, which we will discuss in this article.

– What is soilless agriculture?

– What are the advantages of farming without soil?

  The points mentioned above will be the focus of our article to explain to you what soilless agriculture is, what are its fields and benefits, and the mechanisms for its application, and we will explain each of them separately.

What is soilless agriculture?

With the global population increasing continuously and enormously, many thinkers are preoccupied with finding solutions to the possibility of providing food for this large number (especially after the world population exceeded 7 billion people), and since agricultural products are among the most consumed materials, it was necessary to find solutions to provide larger quantities of With these materials, the optimal method was through the possibility of growing quantities of vegetables and fruits by relying on smaller areas. The ideal solution is soilless agriculture (hydroponics). This method produces larger quantities of crops with better quality, and there will be no need to fertilize the land and spray insecticides, and you will avoid Exposure to some problems such as burning agricultural crops and others.

By the year 2050, another 3 billion people will join the population of this world, which means that the total population of the world will exceed 11 billion people. No one can predict which areas will be affected by desertification or weather conditions such as rainfall and other conditions 30 years in advance. The ideal solution to this situation is agriculture. Without soil.

– What are the advantages of farming without soil?

Nowadays, where farming is done using modern methods, it has now become very easy to grow products faster and more abundantly. Using artificial lights and heaters inside greenhouses, the product can be grown all year round, regardless of seasons and weather conditions.

When you hear the word hydroponics, you may think that a lot of water is needed in this way. In fact, only 10% of the amount of water required in traditional agriculture is used, and thus large amounts of water will be saved that would otherwise be wasted in the case of traditional agriculture, in addition. In addition, this water can be recycled and reused.

This method is also an example for areas affected by drought, as there is no loss of water because the cultivation takes place in a closed environment. There is no loss of minerals that feed the plants, as the plants will fully benefit from these minerals. There are also great benefits in not having to use pesticides because With the presence of soil in which insects usually live, crops will grow naturally and ideally, and therefore we find that costs decrease in the case of soilless agriculture.

The benefits are not over, you will not be limited by the available space. You will be able to set up the planting beds on top of each other (as if building a skyscraper compared to building a one-story house) and thus you will not limit your production depending on the space.

Spending on investment in soilless agriculture around the world has reached approximately 40 billion dollars, and this farming mechanism takes place under weather conditions and a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius.

The countries that most adopt this method:

The Netherlands and Belgium are among the leading countries in the field of soilless agriculture, as this method is used by the majority of farmers, and soilless agriculture is carried out in 95% of the greenhouses in these two countries.

  In Turkey, especially last year, many investors flocked to Turkey with the aim of investing in this field, and according to a recent statement from Turkey, 4 thousand hectares out of 48 thousand hectares (the total area of greenhouses) are adopting the soilless agriculture mechanism, and this number is expected to increase. To 15 thousand hectares during the next two years.

Hassle-free sales:

Despite the fact that the price is high in the marketing sector, representatives of the marketing sector confirm that customers are permanently present in the market. The local market is not the only option. Export is one of the options available to you. Maintaining the high quality of products will greatly help you maintain Stable and stable sale of your products at the internal and external levels.

Opportunities in hydroponics:

Hydroponics (soil-free) is a highly productive agricultural method that uses advanced technologies. This agriculture is witnessing great demand. The biggest problem with this method is the establishment of its expensive facilities. The most logical initiative for investors wishing to invest in this agriculture is to buy a share from one of Large agricultural investments related to soilless agriculture.

We in companies are able to help you with regard to hydroponics, whether establishing a business of this type or helping you buy shares in one of the soilless agricultural projects. You can contact us without hesitation to obtain more details.

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