Opening a café in Türkiye

Opening a café in Türkiye

One of the most common ideas among people who want to establish an investment in Turkey is to open a café, especially those who want to communicate with people on an ongoing basis and those who are looking for a social environment. If you want to know where and how the matter begins, you will find in this article many important details that you will not hear. From many people about establishing a café in Turkey.

The secret to establishing a successful café:

The most important thing to be careful about when establishing a café is to open the café in a strategic location. At the same time, you need to know your customer base well. Cafés are usually opened in the main streets that witness large pedestrian traffic and where rental prices are high, but that is not the option. The only one where there are many successful cafes was established near industrial areas.


Regardless of the location, the atmosphere of the café is one of the things that most attracts customers. The interior design and decoration are among the things that most attract customers, especially the permanent customer.

Understanding the customer’s requirements and the circumstances of his arrival plays a major role in the secret of winning the customer. For example, if a customer goes to the café in the afternoon coming from his work site, where his break is one hour, he cannot need time to prepare food for him for half an hour.

Turkey’s population is mostly young people, equivalent to 40 million people under the age of 30. Although there are different concepts for cafés, young people are mostly the most popular with cafés, and because of this, many cafés compete with each other.

 The most important issue you need to make in this intense competitive environment is how to make your café different. What differences will you offer people to prefer your café? The first thing you need to do to open a successful café is to prepare a business plan and plan what you will do in steps.

workplan :

  • 1- Capital:

Determine the capital for your café that you want to open.

  • 2- Explore cafes:

Get an idea of the café’s customers, any age group, their opening hours, and price lists.

  • 3- Buy a ready-made cafe

You can find many cafes for sale, and finding advertisements for this matter is not difficult. Buying a ready-made cafe may be better than establishing a cafe from scratch. The price of the cafe is very important. You can get professional support to determine the price, or we can provide you with professional consultations. By conducting a price evaluation of the café you found and finding cafés ready for sale.

  • 4- Obtaining the agency of one of the famous cafes:

You can get an agency from one of the major café chains, in addition to obtaining many privileges and offers. They work professionally on the number of employees, price lists, location, etc.

They also carry out advertising and promotion campaigns on your behalf, and this enables you to work more comfortably, as they prepare the café you want to open on a turnkey basis. You can obtain a price from one of the café chains, or you can obtain detailed information by contacting us.

  • 5- Advertising the name of your café:

Preparing the logo, promotional cards, and flyers for your café is a helpful factor in customers knowing your café.

  • 6- Preparing a list of foods and drinks:

Preparing regulations is extremely important, and these regulations must provide many of the items that customers may request, as customers prefer cafes that provide a lot of drinks and food over those that provide little.

  • 7- Providing the necessary equipment:

Your café should not have any shortage of equipment (chairs, tables, juice machines, etc.). If there is any shortage, it must be added directly.

  •   8- Preparing the appropriate decoration:

The decor and construction of the café must be one of the ways to attract the customer. You can obtain support from one of the decoration experts, as the café is delivered on a turnkey basis.

  • 9- Improving your relationships with suppliers and distributors:

You must determine where to purchase food and drinks and when the ingredients will be delivered to you. In order to continue your work on a daily basis, you must find products at reasonable prices and conclude agreements to receive them constantly.

  • 10- Providing a professional staff:

What most attracts the customer is the way the waiter behaves and his appearance. Make sure to provide a courteous and elegant staff capable of meeting the customer’s needs. The kitchen staff must also be keen to submit the order in accordance with the customer’s taste.

  • 11- A copy of the store building title deed.

Licensing procedures may vary from region to region, as well as the fees incurred for the store’s area according to the square meter. We in our company are able to provide professional and accurate consulting services and we can also carry out all legal transactions related to opening your store.

You can communicate with us directly by clicking on the link .

 Costs of opening a café:

The costs of opening a café vary depending on several factors, including space and capacity for the number of customers. Therefore, the costs of opening a café cannot be determined accurately, but we can share with you some approximate figures for some of the costs of opening a café:

The minimum wages and guarantees for workers in Turkey are 11,500 Turkish liras.

The minimum wages and guarantees for chefs in Turkey are approximately 4,500 Turkish liras.

The approximate rent for a café with an area of 200-250 square meters is 25,000 Turkish liras per month.

The electricity bill for a café with an area of 200 to 250 square meters is estimated at 5,000 Turkish liras per month.

 Monthly profits for cafes:

Cafes offer their services at different prices. In luxury cafes, prices are usually higher, and cafe expenses (invoices, the value of materials used, and employee wages) are usually approximately 20 to 25% of the value of their sales. For example, a small cafe that can accommodate 100 people can It achieves daily sales of approximately 50,000 Turkish liras, and therefore 10,000 Turkish liras will be for expenses and 40,000 Turkish liras is the value of the café’s profits on that day. As an example of expenses, we present them as follows:

2 chefs (40,000) Turkish liras.

4 waiters (52,000) Turkish liras.

One accountant (13,000) Turkish liras.

The rent for building the café is 25,000 Turkish liras.

Therefore, the monthly expenses can be calculated at (430,000) Turkish liras.

The cafe’s revenue is 50,000 Turkish liras per day, so the monthly output is 1,500,000 Turkish liras.

This number is subject to increase and decrease and is not a number that can be adopted (for example only). Finally, you must take into account that you must pay tax on the income that you earned.

To obtain detailed information about the tax that you will pay according to the tax system in Turkey, you can click on link.

Reasons for the failure of cafes:

Entering the field of cafés in Turkey and succeeding in it will be a great success, and in the event of failure, its consequences will be difficult and disastrous. In this section, we will describe some of the mistakes that cafés commit.

-Choosing the wrong location:

One of the biggest reasons for the failure of cafés is choosing the wrong location. Places where students are located or where there is high pedestrian and vehicular traffic are the most suitable locations to open a café.

– Exaggeration in kitchen decor:

Exaggerating the design of kitchen decor compared to hall decor contributes to weakening the invested capital. Yes, the kitchen must be of high specifications, but this does not have to be at the expense of hall decor.

– Inconsistency in details:

If your café is not in a luxurious neighborhood, there is no need to exaggerate in detail and very bright decor. The number of bathrooms must be proportional to the number of tables, and provide a payment system through available methods such as cash and credit. All of this is in the interest of winning customers.

Limiting yourself to drinks:

  Drinks have a high overall profit rate, but they cannot be relied upon alone. For cafés that develop their strategies for selling drinks only, they must earn enough to cover all expenses and in order to obtain a sustainable and sufficient profit, but the café must offer more options than drinks in the beginning, from Among these options can be included hookah, desserts, pastries, sandwiches, salads or a breakfast buffet

– Prioritizing profit over customer gain:

It is not a good idea to focus on profit at the beginning of the opening periods. Instead, you should focus on good partnership relationships with suppliers, put a strong emphasis on price, and try to win customers constantly. Exceeding the normal profit rate from sales will be destructive. An important recommendation for newly established cafes: “Don’t sell, focus on getting customers.”

– Bad work team:

  This is the biggest problem for newly opened cafes. Cafes do not only sell customers food and drink, but cafes also sell rest, relaxation, a sense of belonging, reputation, and relationships, and make them feel comfortable. The way to present this product is through communication between you and your employees with the customer. It is necessary to create a cafe team that focuses on Remember the names of customers, their features, and their standard orders. It must be remembered that customers who come to the café may forget the products sold there after a while, but they will never forget their experience in that place.

– Offering many options:

  Most of the newly established cafes have too many options in their menus, while the customer comes to you only as thirsty and hungry. Menus with too many options are difficult to manage, as offering more options increases expenses, and if you fail to maintain quality, it can lead to… Decreased sales and loss of customers Best of all when deciding what options you will offer, make sure the options are concise but comprehensive and adequate

– Offering many options:

  Most of the newly established cafes have too many options in their menus, while the customer comes to you only as thirsty and hungry. Menus with too many options are difficult to manage, as offering more options increases expenses, and if you fail to maintain quality, it can lead to… Decreased sales and loss of customers Best of all when deciding which options to offer, make sure the options are concise but comprehensive and adequate.

Summary and recommendation:

Opening a café is one of the most successful investments if it is managed correctly. Although it seems very easy, the difficulties facing this project are many. If you want to open a café in Turkey or obtain a ready-made café, you can benefit from our consulting services in this regard. The matter is, you can contact us through the contact information or from the link below.


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