Opening a store in Türkiye

Opening a store in Türkiye

 If you have in mind the desire to do business with a small capital, then the idea of ​​opening a store will be a good and correct idea, as it does not require a large capital or a long time to complete it. In this area, we will discuss information about opening a store in Turkey.

The idea of ​​opening a store, despite the presence of large supermarket chains and their spread in many areas, is not considered a risk or a mistake when choosing the appropriate location and products, as people search for the products they want in the small market when they cannot find them in the large store chains. Therefore, you can increase your sales through Exploit this point correctly.

Large store chains sell certain products through contracts with large companies for products (whether food, cleaning, or other), and if you open a store in a location where there is little competition, you can do many things to make your store successful.

How to open a store in Türkiye

Determining the location and products is the first priority. If you are opening a miniature version of the major stores, this will be of no benefit and your store will not succeed in beating the major stores in this competition.What you must do is sell products that are not available in major stores, for example traditional Arabic bread or molokhiya, so you can win customers (especially foreigners). In this way, you can introduce your store to customers and make them permanent customers. The necessary steps for opening a market:

1- Finding a building suitable as a store and concluding a lease contract for it, preferably in places adjacent to foreign residents.

2- Establishing a commercial company for your store that you wish to open.

You can obtain more information about establishing the company by clicking here.

How to obtain a store opening license:

As is the case in all legal procedures, the following official documents must be obtained:

 1- A translated copy of the passport certified by a notary public.

2- Two personal photos.

3- Building usage sheet from the municipality.

4- The original copy of the lease contract or a copy of it certified by a notary.

5- A copy of the tax plate.

6- A copy of the Chamber of Commerce registration.

7- Water meter installation paper in the store building.

8- A report from the fire brigade on taking fire precautions.

9- A copy of the identity document extracted from the Security Department.

10- A copy of the approved signature, the commercial registry and the newspaper announcement.

11- A copy of the store building title deed.

Licensing procedures may vary from region to region, as well as the fees incurred for the store’s area according to the square meter.

We in our company are able to provide professional and accurate consulting services and we can also carry out all legal transactions related to opening your store.

Tips to make your store successful:

 Make sure to buy your store’s equipment from wholesale centers, and make sure your store’s name is on the bags and bags. 

  • – Make sure to find a section for vegetables and fruits, as well as for meat in general, which meets the multiple needs of customers. 
  • – Providing salable materials in your store, and facilitating obtaining them by communicating with local producers with the aim of reducing shipping expenses and costs.
  • – Ensure the correct arrangement of your store’s products and make them organized sections.
  • For example, arranging spices in one section and detergents in one section, and placing signs with the name of each section. 
  • – Enhance customers’ knowledge of your store. Remember that your goal is to gain customers continuously, especially permanent ones.

For example, if you sell Arab products in your store, you should not target only Arab customers. Try to deliver your products to large segments of customers, through social media. Distribution of leaflets.

  • Getting to know the residents of the area where the store will be opened and their needs.
  • – Providing home delivery service and accepting orders via phone or application – Keep your store open outside the normal working hours of other stores.

 Store opening costs:

 The size of the store you want to open depends on the capital value of the store project incrementally.

In order to get an idea about the costs of opening a store, we share with you the following details: 

The rental prices for a store with an area between 70 and 80 square feet average 15,000 Turkish liras.

The value of the store’s supplies, including shelves and decoration, ranges between 150,000 – 200,000 Turkish liras. 

The cooling system and refrigerator may cost up to 100,000 Turkish liras – The total cost of products to operate a market with an area of ​​80 square meters is 750,000 TL The total cost of insurance and the minimum wage per worker is 11,500 Turkish liras at a minimum. 

The cost of a motorcycle suitable for delivering foreign orders is 100,000 Turkish liras.


The store’s monthly earnings: 

Stores’ monthly profits vary depending on the type of products they provide. For example, profit rates for selling bread and cigars are approximately 5 to 7%, and profit rates for special products can reach approximately 20-30%. A store that works well by It is possible to achieve sales worth 80,000 – 100,000 Turkish liras per day, if the profit rate is taken as 20%, which means 1,000 Turkish liras per day, multiplied by the number of days in the month, so we find the total profit to be 30,000 Turkish liras per month as an approximate number.Taking into account that there will be a total cost of 10,000 TL for other expenses such as labor costs, rent, electricity and water, a small and medium-sized market can earn 20,000 TL net profit per month. These calculations are done by taking the entire averages. Increase or decrease these numbers depending on the condition of the store, its location, and its capital. Finally, you have to take into consideration that you must pay tax on the profit you earned.

To get detailed information about the tax you will pay in the tax system in Turkey, you can click here.

Al-Mutabar Group Summary and Recommendation Turkey, as a large country, has approximately 85 million Turkish residents (and other foreign residents).

The approximate proportion of large stores is 1/3, and small and medium stores are 2/3. The average grocery shopping per person is 40 Turkish liras. The idea of ​​opening a store is a successful and scalable idea

If you wish to obtain a ready-made store or start establishing a new store, you can obtain advice from our experts in this field. Contact us through the contact information or by clicking on the link .


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